Private Candidates may enter for:

One or more Core Subjects and/or

One or more Elective Subjects from the Programmes of their choice.

Candidates should verify the combination of subjects available from the Regulations and Syllabus for the examination.

Release of Results

The results of the examination are released in December to successful candidates and it is hosted at the Council’s website to enable candidates check their results online with an access card at www.waecgh.org.

Review of Scripts

Scripts are kept for three months after release of results before they are finally destroyed. During this time, review of scripts for a fee is allowed and this is done at the instance of individual candidates since the West African Senior School Certificate Examination for private candidates is an individual-based examination.


Certificates are printed for individual candidates upon request. Candidates request for their certificate online at www.waecgh.org. Certificates are produced once, and so certificates which get lost or damaged after collection are not replaced

Confirmation of Results

Candidates who lose their certificates may confirm their results to prospective employers and educational institutions.

Attestation of Results

Candidates who lose their certificates may also request for attestation of their results.
Further details on the examination may be obtained from the Senior Deputy Registrar/ Head of Test Development Division, Telephone Numbers: +233-302-208201-9 and Senior Deputy Registrar/Head of Test Administration Division, Telephone Numbers: +233-302-208201-9 or info@waecgh.org